We wish we didn’t have to do this. But we do.

Big credit card companies are not looking out for your best interests. In fact, they’re hiking interest rates on good customers. If you pay your bill on time, and you carry a balance, big banks will still hike your interest rate up to outrageous levels. That’s a fact.

Unlike credit unions, big banks are motivated by profit. That means higher interest rates, higher fees, and more headaches for you. It’s like a cash-gobbling moster living in your wallet.

What's that in your wallet?

To fight the monster, we must learn its habits.

Some call it the “bait and switch,” we call it “not cool.” Offers for 0% introductory rates or customizable cards always come with a price later on.


Consider Bank of America’s basic card. Sure, they offer a “low” interest rate – but what if you’re even one payment late?

Ouch!  Bank of America bites back.

Ouch! That’s a hefty interest rate for just being human.


Capital One’s new “card creator” sure sounds like a cool idea. But does it really offer anything new? If you pick an interest rate comparable to American 1’s Visa card, all the other options are blanked out.

Card creator?  More like option take-away-er

That’s all you get! To take advantage of the other offers, you have to choose a higher interest rate – which means you pay more in the end. Not cool. And when you pick a steady fixed rate, your choices are limited to two options – and neither of those look good.


How about Chase? Same story: your interest rate skyrockets if you’re even a little late, and their intro rate isn’t even worth bragging about:

Nothing to see here.

Who knows what “Elite Pricing” means, or what kind of rate you’re going to get, but it seems like a pretty big spread. Who wants to pay 22+% on a variable rate?



See that 4% balance transfer fee Bank of American charges? That means, even if you take their 0% teaser rate, if you transfer a balance, you pay extra.

American 1 charges no balance transfer fee on its Visa cards. None. Beat that, BoA.

Plus, we challenge you to find a BoA card that doesn’t have a variable interest rate. You never know what you’ll pay because…well, Bank of America doesn’t know, either.


At American 1, our rate stays the same.

What’s in your wallet? Probably a fee-heavy, money-stealing credit card that, should problems occur, you’ll be punching in so many “option” numbers your finger may go numb.

Here’s an idea: a local credit union, with real people to handle your issues, right away. No confusing phone menus, no robot voices, no hassle.

We’re here to help. We have your best interest at heart, and our personal service guarantees that. You’re not calling some foreign country. You’re calling our Home Office in Jackson, Michigan.

You can print out our handy disclosure sheet and compare for yourself. We’re not afraid of the challenge.


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